TPE Material Processing!                                 
  Card Films

We represent for the brand Pentaplast by German Klockner and mainly supply products are Pentaplas for SB5 and SB6 coating of Card Film plastic material, also providing uncoated card material such as PVC, ABS, PETG etc.,

that is suitable for a variety of smart card, bank card, health-care card, phone card, EasyCard, access card, membership card and all kinds of gift cards etc., materials those can be in roll or sheet form, or supplying the core material in laser anti-counterfeit film regarding the actual needs by clients.

Klöckner Pentaplast

KP has been producing films for packaging, printing, and specialty applications since 1965. From the start, we have dedicated ourselves to innovation, growth, and success. Today it is our vision to be the number one film producer worldwide. Striving to be the worldwide, preferred film supplier by delivering "best-in-class" solutions is our mission. Our strategy? Focus on the customer: we exist to help you succeed.

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